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Mountain Sports Ltd is Bristol's local outdoor core store since 1981.


Orvis 101 Fly Fishing Class

Jesse Cheers

This is your chance to learn from Orvis Endorsed Guides the basics of fly fishing, everything from which flies to select based on what type of fish your going after, the size line that will be successful for our local waters, casting techniques, and much more. The class is completely free and everyone is encouraged to attend because we love to fly fish and hope we can pass on our passion to you as well!
If you are interested in attending or want more info
 Give us a call at 276.466.8988 or email

MSL Wildfire Sale!

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We hope you stay safe from the flames of local wildfires and hope we can help ease any problems these wildfires can create! Swing by Mountain Sports Ltd so you take advantage of some of the hottest deals of the year on Kayaks and Bikes! We have a huge inventory of bikes from cruisers to full suspension mountain bikes as well as kayaks for fishing, crossing the lake, or just something to float around on with your buddies! Swing by MSL and let us get you set up on the best gear around! Don't wait to long though because the Wildfire Sale ends Sunday November 20!

Thomas Sinemus getting an early morning paddle on the SoHo!

Jesse Cheers crossing a less than perfect swinging bridge while mtn biking in Guatemala!

MSL Fly Tying Classes are Starting Back!

Jesse Cheers

With the days getting shorter and fly boxes seeming empty after a summer of chasing rainbows and browns on the SoHo and Watauga, it's time for some fly tying! MSL Fly Tying Classes are Thursday evenings at 6:00pm and are open to anyone who is interested in fly fishing or anyone wanting to learn to tie. Don't be intimidated, whether it's your first time or you have been tying for years our expert staff will help you learn correct tying techniques and pass on knowledge of why they tie the way they do and how that translate to more success on the river! All materials are provided and completely FREE to attend but if you want to bring your own vise or other tying equipment it is encouraged. Hope to see you on Thursday!

Watauga River Clean Up Sunday Oct 23!

Jesse Cheers

We will meet at the Watauga River Lodge on Sunday, October 23 at 9:00 AM.  We will start the morning off with coffee and to get a general overview of the days game plan. After coffee and the morning debrief we will hit the river and begin working around 10:00am. Around 3:00pm we will meet back at the Watauga River Lodge and have an afterparty with food provided by Noli Food Truck and beer provided by Sweet Water Brewing Company to celebrate a cleaner river and a job well done! Hope to see you there and if you would like more info feel free to contact us!

Now Hiring

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Have a passion for the outdoors? What better way to live out that passion than working in the outdoor industry! We are currently looking to hire one or two active individuals who share the same love for the outdoors as we do! Sound like a job for you? Then print out an application, fill it out, and bring it in!

Altra Running Shoes Now at MSL!

Jesse Cheers

"These shoes run great, but there's more to it. They actually felt so comfortable that I started wearing them to my job."

The Altra Story

Altra was created to help runners learn and experience the benefits proper low-impact form with footwear that didn't disrupt it.

"Years ago while filming customers at my family's running store in the Rocky Mountains, I noticed a disturbing trend--our customers ran with greater impact and poor posture when wearing the traditional running shoes we were selling them. When we analyzed their form while running barefoot, they immediately returned to proper, low-impact running technique. We began to question whether the shoes we were selling them actually hurt them more than helped. 

After realizing the elevated heels of their running shoes was the source of the problem, I began cutting off the excess weight and thickness to return their feet to a natural position. I coined this modification "Zero Drop" to describe how the cushioning no longer dropped from the heel down to the forefoot. This gave our customers the benefit of good form and low impact, without sacrificing the cushioning many runners felt they needed to do long mileage. 

While testing our Zero Drop theory, we immediately saw incredible results with our staff and customers. It helped suffering runner's get back into running and provided them with a relaxed, comfortable and natural running experience. We teamed up with some of the best engineers, designers, elite runners and biomechanical experts in the industry and started Altra to bring a better running experience to the masses. 

As Ultra Marathoners and Triathletes, we also wanted a shoe that would let people run more comfortably and efficiently for any distance. Our unique shoes mimic the shape of a healthy foot and restore your feet and body to their natural position. We've seen our shoes return people to running, improve running technique and change lives. We believe they will help you run better and more comfortably too! "

Golden Harper

Creator and Founder of Altra


End of Summer What a Bummer Sale

Jesse Cheers