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Red River Gorge Kentucky

Jesse Cheers

The climbing guide book for the Red River is as thick as a dictionary with walls around every turn with a good mix of routes for everyone. My buddy Sam invited me (Jesse Cheers) to go with him for a pre thanksgiving climbing trip to meet up at the Red with his buddies Jared (firefighter in Ohio) and Chad ("works" in Yosemite) who also happen to be brothers. It's a 3 hour drive from Bristol so Sam and I packed up his truck and left early Sunday morning in hopes of getting a few climbs in before dark. Right out side of Bristol we ran into the first sighting of snow flakes of the season and the temperatures less than perfect for climbing. Before getting to the Red River Gorge Sam told me about how when it gets in the 30's that your hands get numb and as you climb it makes for a weird feeling because the hand holds are there but you can't feel your fingers. It's mind game between your fingers and your head whether or not your going to be able to pull or hold yourself up but somehow without your hands knowing it you manage to hold on. It's one of those weird experiences you got to experience to know the feeling but after you have felt it once you know and shoot for warmer days haha. We met up with Chad and Jarred and climbed a couple of routes and got to bushwhack our way through the woods thanks to the always accurate guide book but like any good trip it takes things going wrong to end up with good stories and lessons learned; Don't Trust Sam's Sense of Direction. That night we went to  Miguel's Pizza and if there ever was a reason to go climb in Red River, Miguel's is it. We ate there for almost every meal and if the Pizza at night isn't reason enough then the breakfast burrito in the morning will do the job. The next morning while eating breakfast burrito's at Miguel's and playing around on a slackline they had set up behind their shop, we met a climber named Corey who had traveled from New York to climb for a few days at the Red. Corey joined the group and we climbed the next couple of days at different spots till we could climb no more  or if it became to dark at which point it was time for Pizza at Miguels. In other words our trip could be summed up in a few words...Wake up go to Miguel's, Climb, Go back to Miguel's, Sleep, and Repeat.