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Tanney Knobs

Jesse Cheers

Keaton Smith enjoying a small slice of the pie that Tannery Knobs has to offer! 

This past weekend (August 24th-25th) during the Meet the Mountains Outdoor Festival in Johnson City, we had the opportunity to ride at Tannery Knobs, the trail system built by IMBA Trail Solutions in Johnson City. As many know, these trails have been completed for some time now but have been closed to the public as the land needs to be transferred to the city from the private landowner. The Meet the Mountains Festival allowed early access to the trails during the event, and let's just say the trails are fantastic with something for everyone. The trails are rated on difficulty much like a ski slope in that green is the easiest, followed by intermediate blues, and be ready to send it black diamond advanced trails! A tremendous amount of thought and care went into the trail designing and building process, for instance, the beginning of each trail is representative of what riders are to expect on the rest of the trail.  

The Tri-Cities' roots in mountain biking date way back with trails all around the region built over decades of hard grassroots trail building and little to no funding by guys and gals who were psyched on riding. In contrast, every inch of Tannery is mapped out and placed by professional trail builders so you can expect some bomber flowy jump trails, drops, and rock gardens all designed to progress the sport for all riders. The result is one you must experience for yourself and is definitely a step in the right direction for our area. Tannery Knobs showcases the value of outdoor recreation. (Way to go Johnson City! Bristol step it up... this is much better for the region's health and well-being than another Big Box Store.) 

Johnson City is set to acquire the land from the private land owner on September 6th at the Johnson City Council meeting, and if all goes accordingly then Tannery Knobs should be open to the public by the end of September! For more info on Tannery Knobs or to check on the status of the trails click the button below!