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Mountain Sports Ltd is Bristol's local outdoor core store since 1981.


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SoHo River Clean Up

Jesse Cheers

On Sunday October 18th, Orvis will be hosting a river clean up for the South Holston River with focus on in stream trash and tires through out the river. The Bristol Chamber of commerce is donating a dumpster for the day and TVA will be setting the generating flow to optimal levels for the clean up. Be sure to stick around after the river clean up for food from the NOLI Food Truck and beer from Sweetwater Brewery. Plan on meeting at MSL parking lot at 8am on October 18th, work till 3pm, and then head back to MSL to enjoy some BBQ and beer! 

The Not Grand Opening Sale

Jesse Cheers

"The photo above is of my dad Bobby (bottom left), my uncle Steve (bottom right), my Grandma Alice (top right), and Grandad Bob (top left) when the store opened in 1981. I wasn't even around at the time of the photo but can imagine the excitement from all the amazing things the store would create for my family and the community. All the employees both past and present who have made it what it is as well as the community and the people who have supported us over the years by trusting our knowledge and expertise of the area, the gear, and advice we can give. If you're looking for the best straight up advice to help get you on the trail or water, then look no further than your local outdoor core store since 1981. Our goal is to provide you with everything you'll need for an adventure so you will gain the same love and passion for the outdoors that my family and MSL has provided to me over the years and I know we can do the same for you. Cheers for keeping it local!"

Jesse Cheers